June 2012 TREC Advisor

The June 2012 TREC Advisor newsletter is available. Here’s evidence the new Penalty Matrix is hard at work.

Yea. Good luck collecting a $10G “administrative penalty” from a scoff-law who doesn’t depend on a license.

They’ll have to make it up by assessing fees to inspectors who fail to report a spec of rust on the tip of a prong on a dishwasher rack

Interesting Article … Do they have authority over someone that is not under their authority. Ex: I’m a house painter and do inspection in Texas … do they have power to fine me / since I’m not one of the HI’s or involved in TREC

Under the Texas Occupational Code

They can file a criminal charge with the appropriate jurisdiction if they chose to pursue it. Since the revenue goes into the TREC fund, I suppose they have incentive to go after them if they don’t pay the tribute.