June 4 in

Mike Crow will be in Ohio giving a free discussion on marketing. Here is the information. I hope you can take advantage of this opportunity.

June 4th Saturday 9am-noon
at O’Charlies Restaurant
283 Howe Ave
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Marketing Success Formula
Q.S. + Q.L. + M.F. + R.R. + C.I. + W.N. = BIG $$$
Q.S. = Quality Service
• USPs (Unique Selling Points)
• Are you the last inspector standing?
Q.L = Quality Leads
• Big Bang Marketing
• 8 Week Program
• Direct Mail
• Email Marketing
• Multiple Websites
M.F. = Marketing Funnel
• Advertising
– Business Cards…
– Brochures…
– Flyers – to inspire every personality type to want to work with you…
• Online (Website, Email)
• Tele-Seminar
• Tele-Marketing
R.R. = Risk Reversal
• Satisfaction: If you are not happy for any reason, we’ll refund
• Outcome: If you don’t at least receive ‘X’ we’ll refund
• Unconditional: Should be your primary guarantee
• Conditional: Can be an ‘additional’ guarantee
• Multiple Better Than Single
• Refund Consequences: Typically the long and the better the guarantee…the lower the refund rate
• Presentation: How the guarantee is stated
C.I. = Continuity Income
• Create a Customer for Life
• No Additional Marketing Costs
• Hyper Responsive Customers Will Surface When Made the Right Offer
• Toll Position
• Substantially Increases the Value of the Business
• Often Become the ‘REAL’ Business Within the Business
• Learn How to Do This with NO Cost…
W.N. = What’s Next?
5 Steps Toward Success

Report Writing Blueprint… Mike Crow will cover the following:
• Is it “profitable” to take the report beyond the Standards of Practice?
•How often should I recommend Specialist?
You Need The Answers To… BUT FIRST… A Few Questions…
•How Long Can I continue to not…Email my Report?
•How many Pictures…if any?
• Country Boy English vs. Technical Terms?
•Which software should I use?
•What Hardware should I use?
• How Long should my Report Be?
•How much information is too much… How much is too little?
•How long should it take to write a Report… a normal report?
•How much detail should I list for Appliances…(Model#/Serial#/Age…etc)
• Should I do Repair Estimates or Not?
•How do I handle Cosmetic Issues?
•What about border line defects… vibrating ceiling fan or small chips in tubs?
• Should I mention Positives?
• Can I just email the report or do I need to make a hard copy as well?
•Questions…as time permits at the end… please write yours down
• Closing statement that says “Recommend"