June is almost over for me

Inspections booked through Wednesday.

Then it is 4 days at the US Open with my son as my Father’s Day present from him. High 70’s, clear weather expected.


Then 3 more days of inspections followed by a week in Santa Barbara to visit mom for her 92nd birthday. I grew up on this beach, a block from the house.

Followed by a couple more inspections and then the 4th of July weekend.

You know folks, making money is great. Working hard is great. But remember to take time for yourself and your family while you still can. The kids and wife won’t remember your work days, but they sure will remember the quality time they get to spend with you.

Best to all.

Well deserved, enjoy. McIlroy all the way…


Enjoy Steve, and be sure to post a few pics.

I like your style, enjoy your vacation.

ENJOY the time off and MOM :slight_smile:

Great advise!!!

Nice reminder Steve! I think I’ll book another Vegas trip :smiley:

You got it, Stephen! I’m happy for you.:smiley:

You’ve deserve it and so does your family, you’re right it can be great pulling in the bucks but we are hopefully doing that for a reason beyond just padding the bank account.

Time keeps slipping away and we have to be reminded sometimes to use what time we do have, to be with the people we love and see some of this incredible planet.

Thanks for the reminder Stephen!

How many inspections will you have done at the end of June?


You deserve it. Enjoy.

I would love to play that course. It will be fun watching some of the putts this year.

If you haven’t seen it yet Google Bubba Watson’s trick putt shot, it was on this course while he was playing a practice round getting ready for this weekend.

Enjoy Brother!! :smiley:

I have played the course a half dozen times or so. It is exhausting. I swear that each hole is uphill. That was no trick shot, that was Chamber’s Bay. :shock:

It will be great listening to the pros whine about how tough it is. Went to the merchandise tent today. Or should I say mall. Friggin huge. I bet the hat wall alone was 40 yards long. It has been fun watching what they have built in the last couple months.

very nice

I have had one day off this month and that was for a funeral in Okla we make hay while the sun is shining been writing reports or inspecting for 17 days now, can you young pups keep up with the old man???:wink:

Great time at the US Open the last couple days. Today was the best so far. 73 degrees, very slight breeze. Couldn’t ask for a better time. I can say the course is much greener in person, not the constant brown the filtered tv shows.

Congrats on a great time Steve.

Nice, and the best part is is that now you can say that you play golf as well as Tiger does.