Jury awards women $585,000


Ummm, says here, para 3… " the men also engaged in inappropriate touching of the womens !@#% and !@#%% and pressured the women for sxx…and so on.


“…the suit charged Everdry Marketing and Management Inc with subjecting 13 female former employees to a sexually hostile workplace at companys Rochester location…majority of victims were TEENAGE girls still in high school at time…Cleveland OH based company performs basement waterproofing.”

well, they peform water–diverting, actually.:wink:

So, not only do INSIDE Systems NOT stop water from ENTERING THROUGH basement walls etc, NOT stop/prevent mold/efflorescence/radon and not take any lateral-hydrostatic soil pressure off basement walls but also, apparently at one location, actually hire teenage girls `n subject them to a shtt hole environment.

G Carlin… wanna know how to get out of jury duty? lots of people try that dont they....many try to get out of jury duty by lying. you dont have to lie, tell the judge the truth, tell em youd make a terrific juror because you can spot guilty people (snaps fingers)…just like that.

Lets see what they actually get on appeal