Jury Duty

Well here I am in jury duty. Not only is it just a big room with a bunch of chairs, but they’re playing a Sandra Bullock movie at a ridiculous volume. She is a cop or something. What’s funny is there is quite a bit of swearing. Nothing like hearing curse words at high volume in a courthouse. Good thing I brought plenty of business cards. I’ll be posting quite a bit today. Too bad no one said I could bring a lap top.

I was called last month…once they found out I was former law enforcement I was dismissed…(heck, I was wanting to say GUILTY) lol.


Hey Dylan you can bring a lap top. I think I played most of call of duty the last time I was there. :smiley:

Cards and a box of toothpicks (they don’t stand out like poker chips). We had a group of 5 coaches from various high schools around the area all on jury duty the same 2 week period. Let’s just say the Volleyball/Baseball coach ended up with enough toothpicks to buy lunch almost everyday. :mrgreen:

Didn’t know about the lap top thing. Thought I was being smooth by sneaking in a sudoku book. It was brutal. No hot girlies either. But I told them I was a home inspector, and therefore obviously could not afford to be here. They agreed.

But you know what, that Sandra Bullock movie wasn’t half bad. Although they had the volume up way too high, and her voice sucks. My big fat greek wedding came on after that. I hate that movie. They say Opa way too much. I grew up around a lot of Greeks, and they never once said Opa. If I was Greek, I’d be offended by that movie. But I’m Polish and we just say “I don’t know” a lot. So what do I know…I don’t know.

Jury duty…I never last more than a few hours. Once they start asking the elimination questions, I raise my hand and I get sent home. I love it.