Jury Duty

I have received a letter stating I have been granted the Honor and Privilege to forfeit a weeks income while continuing to incur the overhead cost of my business.

I have served a couple times in the past, but this could not have come at a worse time.

Anyone have a successful work around? I have been in court in the past and witnessed a self employed person request exemption and in short was met with an embarrassing too bad, so sad.

Even if you don’t get selected, you still have to block out that time. = loss income.

Okay, I’m done whinning…I think.

I feel I am the king of getting selected LOL.

You can defer it until December, that is typically when the case load is the lowest.

A note from your doctor will get you out, I’ve done it when I had a back injury.

If you call them right now ask to be put on standby, that means they will call you if they need you, if not you have to sit in the ROOM for two weeks waiting :mad::mad::mad:

So, if you ever found yourself in a courtroom with a Jury, would you prefer to have Jurors that were whiners with bad attitudes and forced to be there, or Jurors that embraced the oppourtunity to perform their Civic Duty and participate in a benefit of being a Citizen of this great country?

Just asking.

Chances are you’ll just be there for one day and probably won’t be selected for a jury.
If so take the opportunity to relax and read a nice book.

Out of all the times I’ve been called I did sit on a jury once and found the process fascinating and a bit scary.

If possible try and embrace your civic duty.


show the proper attitude during selection process and you wont be there very long.

I did jury duty a few months ago. Lost 1 week of work.

I didn’t like it but then just accepted it as my duty.
Took my ipad with me and caught up on paperwork.

On the bright side I got a check for I think $15.00 a day, parking was $12.00 a day so I made $15.00

Took my wife to Arby’s and laughed about it.

just show up and tell them you’re self-employed. You’ll be excused.

I hate NACHI math, it is like I missed the first day when the teacher gave out the secret. :wink:

I asked my 8 year old granddaughter what the answer was and she said “Well, if you make $3/day more than you spend each day for a work week then you will have $15 left at the end of the week. Like $3/day x 5 days = $15”. She also added “Grandpa, you’re a real dumbass, you know it?” I’m gonna have to have a talk with her mom.

Only took me an hour with a calculator to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, and I didn’t even think of bringing a calculator with me to ask my granddaughter. :cool:

Nachi-math is still wayyyyyyy easier to figure out than “common core”! :shock:

Our courthouse has a no electronics rule.

In Florida they ask if you have any association with law enforcement, my Dad was a State Trooper I hear that gets immediate dismissal. So if you know someone in law enforcement…

Feel Proud and do your duty !
You could be the one standing in front of your peers…Yep !

I was called into jury duty a few years ago for an OWI case. The defense attorney asked if anyone had family members who were cops. I raised my hand and told them that my dad, brother, and sister were all cops and that my wife works for the police department as well. He then asked if anyone had ever witnessed a sobriety test and I raised my hand and told them that I had on multiple occasions. He asked if anyone knows how a breathalyzer works and once again I raised my hand. Finally he looks at me and asked if I was a Spencer. I told him that I was. He asked if I rode with my dad a lot and I said that I did. As a joke, he asked if I was riding with my dad the night that this gentlemen was arrested. I looked at the guy, grinned, and said yes, yes I was. I told him that my dad was not the arresting or assisting officer, but I did see him when he was being booked at the police station. I told him that if I do not make the jury that I could be used as a witness for his actions at the police station. Needless to say, I was the first person dismissed.