Jury Rules That CSST Is a Defective Product in Landmark Case

Here is a potential landmark case regarding CSST. Read about it at http://www.subrogationrecoverylawblog.com/2010/10/articles/products-liability/csst-1/jury-rules-that-csst-is-a-defective-product-in-landmark-case/

“*The Tincher verdict, significant on its own, has the potential to impact cases against Omegaflex beyond Chester County, Pennsylvania. A viable argument exists to extend the principles of collateral estoppel to apply to other cases against the manufacturer in other jurisdictions, involving similar facts and claims of defect. The defective nature of the product would no longer be an issue for the jury to decide, given the prior determination by the Tincher jury.”

Great Info, never did like it after some of the installations I have seen.

Yes, this could be huge. If the CSST mfg’s additional bonding fix can be shown to be not effective or ill-conceived (which it apparently has been) and the lawsuit results stand up to appeal then this could lead to the demise of the CSST industry. I will certainly be reviewing my standard report comment for CSST.

Interesting reading Mike, ty

Anyone have colors/pictures/descriptions of this type of pipe? Is it printed “CSST” on the pipe itself? Can it become a nationwide issue?

Gary, I’m surprised that someone with your experience and background, a CMI at that, would not be familiar with CSST. Yes, this topic is of national concern, it is not just a regional thing. There are probably better reference sources but start with http://www.toolbase.org/Technology-Inventory/Plumbing/corrugated-stainless-steel-tubing .

I just don’t see much of it here, if at all. What I have seen is usually yellow flex tubing, used mostly from iron pipe fittings to hot water heaters and fireplaces; maybe only one to two feet. I see it very rarely. The article relates to me as a big deal…???

John Bowman has a great csst powerpoint here. It may take a minute to download.

CSST Gas Line Bonding - BCW.ppt

Yellow flex tubing = CSST. Most of the counties in my area are not requiring CSST system bonding. I do recommend bonding at the manifold.

That is great. Thank you for sharing.