Just a matter of time

It will not be long before federal legislation for home inspectors will be the talk of Washington, also.


I don’t think that you can compare home inspectors to appraisers.

The main point I took from the article is that regulation doesn’t fix the problem.

Greg, true. But, so many complaints in the real estate market nationwide, I feel that RE are pointing fingers. Perhaps, we may be next.

I got lack of enforcement was the problem not regulations.:smiley:

I also got how great the free market works. :wink:

The more fingers that are in the pie, the more the flavor you lose.

Can you name any profession that has federal legislation as the governing rules? They are all run by the States.


My accountant.

An accountant? What federal legislation governs accountants?

FAA… only because the government is the employer.

He pays my taxes, by federal law and regulations. FDA, FAA, are good ones.

No. YOU pay your taxes. Regardless of how complicated they can become, your accountant fills in the blank spots on forms with information you give him. Actually he probably just fills in the information that a computer program asks him for.

The FDA and FAA are government employers. They exist by legislation just like every government agency.