Just a suggestion

Many times I see posts asking who wants an inspection here or there…
We commonly get phone calls in our office for inspections out side our area.

What we usually do is ask the client what zip code they are in then,
goto http://www.inspectorseek.com plug in the zip code and VOILA! magically we have a list of inspectors in that area…

We refer to inspectors who we remember from chapter meetings, or who we see are active and knowledgeable on this message board.

Usually we refer two to three names and then advise the client that if they have any trouble, please call us back.

The clients really appreciate the contact info and retain our information for future reference.

I see no reason for you to refer anyone else in the central Florida region besides me Michelle. This is not a democracy, this is a representative republic and I am your only representative. :wink:

I like to give it to those I do not think are pricks.

Can you be more specific?

Well, if you could be in all counties at all times… that might be an option :o) But there are many AWESOME inspectors (such as yourself) all over the state that I like to refer business too!!!

I am hurt, my ego is bruised, I will never be the same again. :frowning:

Doesn’t look like mike is going to refer me either, I’ll just have to get over it.

I likely would. you do not bother me to much and I believe you are at least a professional. You would just have to suck it up and ask :smiley:

Oh No!! :shock: LOL…

Mike, what’s the matter? I asked you to be more specific, why no reply? Come on, you can do it, you know you want to. Hey if you ask me nicely I might sit next to you again at the meeting next month.

I thought you were speaking to me but then Michelle answered so I did not respond.

You should know by now I do not hold back and am likely the most honest person around here.

No one really. If someone pissed me off moments before then I would likely not do them the favor of sending anything their way but even most of the pricks around here seem to take their jobs seriously enough for me to send them work if they asked and it was in there area.

When you would like a reply from me just ask. Ask around I have sent many around here referrals even though they have annoyed me in the past. I do not really hold grudges and for some reason many around here think I have a problem with guys who are only home inspectors but that is not the case and I help all who ask. I get contacted several times a week by inspectors seeking my advice or opinion and have helped or been honest with all who have contacted me even those who are my direct competition.

Meekers a straight up dude. He’s one of my go to guys

Dennis is the guy I send everything around here to and he is the first guy I ever saw ripping me.

You all can blame him because if it was not for him I would have never known about InterNACHI.

I call him anytime I have a question and need some honest advice. He is always willing to help even though we cover the same areas.

I am going to bed. Everyone have a great night.

Come on Mike, I just like teasing you man. The only problem I have with you is that I don’t have a problem with you. I just like to tease and get a reaction, and you are usually very good at reacting. I know your bark is worse than you bite.

Michelle, since you have decided that I am not your only substitute I am leaving for Pensacola at 6am to do one of those famous photo inspections for $6. I don’t care that they don’t pay for travel, $6 is still $6.
Nah, I am not quite that stupid (although Mike Meeker might want to argue that fact), heading up there with the entire family to look at a college for my eldest daughter. Will be back on the boards Saturday night to irritate everyone.