Just an FYI

On today’s inspection, making sure the bedroom door locked. So I push the button and shut the door, I’m inside the bedroom. Never occurred to me that I just locked myself inside the bedroom. The lock set was reversed. Client and agent were not present. Luckily it was a ranch style and I jumped out the window. Anyway, from now on, I will always carry one of these skinny lock pick keys that you always see on the outside of the door frame. Hopefully this will save one of you an embarrassing moment.

Or you could check the lock function with the door open. :wink:

LOL i had it happen, Lock came off in my hand No tools to turn the Latch

Got “trapped” in a basement by a great Dane once.

Nice puppy

Too late, already happened to me many years ago when I first started in the business, only it was a tiny bathroom in an old house. Window was about the size of a playing card. I did not even lock the door, I just closed it to find out the latch did not work from the inside due to all the hardware being worn out. I ended up using my pocket knife to jimmy the latch open. I now never lock any door with me on the inside. That whole day was a freaking comedy of errors right off the bat. Front door was one of the old type that you had to have the key to operate the latch from the outside. I laid the key on the kitchen counter, went back out to truck for another load of tools, wind caught the door and slammed it. Luckily, one of the back windows was unlocked so I had to get out my ladder, climb through the window while the neighbors watched. PUT the key in your pocket! I learned more that day on what NOT to do than I ever did on what to do. You should have heard the *** chewing I gave myself on the way home.

LOL Teach you for not taken dogie treats Micheal !

And for a puppy like that, better hope you don’t run out! :wink:

It’s happened to me as well - more than once unfortunately. My current protocol is to turn the knob with the door open, close the door, open then door and turn the knob from the other side. Then I will walk into the room. I don’t close the door while I’m inside unless it’s actually necessary.

I just had a brain fade. Forgot which side of the door the lock button was on. Anyway, I’m still gonna drop one of these keys in my tool belt.

You have to love it when you lock your self in a room, I did it a month ago the handle did not operate from the inside. I lucked out since the client was there to let me out.

mikey once locked his keys in the car, took him an half a day to get his family out. :mrgreen:

I always have my tools with me when I check doors. Have had to dismantle defective locksets to get back out on a few occasions.

Had the tool belt on, The attachment screws were on the outside, hence my predicament.

joey locked his box depends up once.

Made quite a mess when he lost the key.

Now he just keeps a spare one under his skirt.

LOL. Well I should have mentioned that I have one of those passage lock keys in my toolbelt too.:wink:

Now if I can just get people to stop locking me out on balconies.

Glad you made OK.