just another home inspector screwing up on this-subject

he says, tuckpoint the cracks on the inside’. Incompetent.

same HI, you’d think after seeing this bull**** he’d ‘GET IT’!! Nope.

and here’s another interior basement system company with a supposed a-ok structural engineer approval (pffffft, not!!!)

a real expert would know that there are… EXTERIOR cracks in the dang wall and that doing this crap on the inside does not seal/waterproof those exterior cracks, sheeeeeshhhhh!

Duh umm what if JFK said something like, ‘I don’t believe our intelligence reports and photos, the Russians wouldn’t do something like that’

There’s a new product on the market that will seal all foundation leaks from the inside.
No more yuuuuuge bills from expensive “foundation repair contractors”.

Right on. My Realtor referrals have tripled due to this product. No need to scare buyers anymore, as a once expensive issue is now a mere roll-the-sleeves-up-weekend-DIY project.

Hell yea!!

Just leave everything wrong at the exterior and band aid the interior and all good to go. No need to loose or delay the sale, this is the agents preferred inspector.

as has been said before, your doing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooo many drugzz America, get off DUH drugs please…umm, it fcs up yer TINKing, got that?

I usually recommend 40 coats of latex paint applied after drinking 10 bottles of beer. More beer than that may affect the installer and you may see drips on the paint. When the water intrusion is severe I suggest moving to another home. If they can’t afford to move I tell them where to get free wood pallets.


No, you are supposed to use only 20 coats of dry lock so you can retain the water against the interior foundation especially the older terra cotta tiles so they can deteriorate better. Or just install a inside water control system.:roll:

you got it Dave!!

I’ve been telling Bubbie that for a while now.
Brush~Roll~Dip~Pour baby! :mrgreen:

No joke this is how my neighbors house was when he bought it, the whole basement and his daughters were living down there. :shock::shock:


I have a large realtor presentation to prepare for and my props are a can of flex seal and to reassure the agents for just a few dollars no need to loose a deal over a wet foundation. :shock:

lol Mr Goldie, here’s another ‘Basement Stopleak’, duh!
Caption says they, pressure inject this around the outside of basement walls…

Dear morons, injecting that crap or other crap around the outside of anyones basement walls doesn’t repair/waterproof the full LENGTH of any exterior cracks ya nitwits. Ever hear of a digging shovel?