just another idiot on this subject

‘DRAINAGE FIRST, ripoff second’ …short video
homeowner video, another incompetent suck azz, that’s the truth and way too many homeowners continue to get screwed over from ALL kinds of supposed Bullwinkle butt-brains

Hey, is this guy looking for his pet mouse errr something…huh? looooolll

Total morons who lie, cheat homeowners out of $$$$, from inside system companies to turds like this.

How about homeowners who hire idiots that deliver flyers to their homes…jesus people, what are you thinking?
They slapped some junk on inside blocks… loool, eh, the problems that allow water to enter this house and most others are…on the outside! There are exterior cracks in the block walls man, g dang!
Photos below of the same house…
‘State Contractors’ huh?




See the vertical crack, huh? This IS one reason why/where water gets into the blocks and then it comes out onto the basement floor along the cove, bottom of basement wall and floor.

Reeeeee–grading does not keep all subsurface water off of, away from, these exterior cracks and umm, grading or 11 mile long downspout ext’s do not waterproof these cracks, got that?

The incompetence, negligence is truly unbelievable on this-subject… from the inside system morons to some landscapers, plumbers, home inspectors, city inspectors etc

If you had a friend like ummm, BEN~! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG0ecRnW-9k