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The Un-Hillary
By Emily Bazelon
Posted Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2008, at 6:23 PM ET

But Palin’s gender is at the center of another set of reactions I’ve been hearing and reading among women who don’t support her ticket, filled with ambivalence over how bad she is. Laugh at the Tina Fey parodies that make Palin ridiculous just by quoting her verbatim. And then cry. When Palin tanks, it’s good for the country if you want Obama and Biden to win, but it’s bad for the future of women in national politics. I’m in this boat, too. Should we feel sorry for Sarah Palin? No. But if she fails miserably, we might be excused for feeling a bit sorry for ourselves.

Palin is the most prominent woman on the political stage at the moment. By taking unprepared hesitancy and lack of preparation to a sentence-stopping level, she’s yanking us back to the old assumption that women can’t hack it at these heights. We know that’s not true—we’ve just watched Hillary Clinton power through a campaign with a masterful grasp of policy and detail. Clinton lost in part because she was the girl grind. Complex sentences, the names of Supreme Court cases, and bizarre warnings about foreign heads of state invading our airspace weren’t her problem. The fear now is that Palin is the anti-Hillary and that her lack of competence threatens to undo what the Democratic primary did for women. Palin won’t bust through the ceiling that has Hillary’s 18 million cracks in it. She’ll give men an excuse to replace it with a new one.

It sure busts the chops of those liberals that a conservative woman is on the ticket.

Simple sour grapes IMHO.

Perhaps it’s because Palin loves her children and could never dream
of killing them in the womb.

Modern woman wants someone to make them feel good about the babies
they have killed in the womb.

No wonder they hate her and feel guilty in her presence. She is everything
that they know they should be. By nature, they have to first hate
themselves, in order to hate Palin. Modern woman is anti-mother, and
they hate the reflection of what they have lost.

Should be fun.
As long as Sarah sticks to the script her handlers give her.

Just her presence is a message many love.


It’s called a stage prop.

Try raising a down syndrome baby all it’s life and see if you can fake it
just for public image. I give honor to whom honor is due.

Traditionally whatever happens in the VP Debate has no real effect on the presidential outcome, hopefully both candidates will do well and fool all the pundits who are simply tuning in to see a car wreck. I suspect life in America will get quite a bit tougher in the coming years due to the failings of our past leaders and we need to build a base of trust between one another to help see everyone through.

Good point.

That was absolutely uncalled-for.

Thank you Jae,
I would have responded to Bob’s comment but I didn’t want to be accused of stalking him again.:roll:

Talk about sexist. :roll:

Thread drift. Lets leave Bushart out of this. :slight_smile:

When one woman calls another woman an Idiot (rightly so) it is not sexist Nick. :wink:

No, it is called being blonde…:mrgreen:

Nope, that wasn’t the sexism I was referring to. It is the assertion that Clinton’s defeat and her perception of Palin’s stupidity that will provoke the evil brotherhood of men into shutting women completely out of the Oval Office. The writer needs to remove her femi-nazi glasses because she’s stereotyping men while creating an artificial victim status for her gender. Its also sexist to imply that only a woman politician can truly represent women.

Nick, this is stereotyping: