Just be careful in those FL crawlspaces

They grow em big in FL swamps. But when it gets cool snakes look for alternative places to dwell and they are hungry.

What’s that a deer? Eww

Why was a deer under a crawl space.
Had no idea they were so nimble.

Yeah, that was a deer. And Bob, I know you are a city dude but even you should know deer don’t generally congregate in crawls, but snakes do. Read a story a couple years ago about a timber worker in Indonesia took a nap after the noon meal there in the jungle. They went to look for him when he failed to show back up to go back to work. In their search they caught a snake about the size of this one with a huge lump in it…yep, it was the nap taker. swallowed him whole. There are a lot of crappy ways to die, that one ranks near the top.

These things are showing up all over South FL because people learn they can’t keep this big snakes for any number of reasons, but instead of giving them to the appropriate agency, they turn them loose. Or the occasional one gets loose on their own, end up in the glades but are now starting look at people, dogs and etc as a plentiful food source. There is a new weekly show on now where it shows there is a team of folks that go out and catch these monsters.