Just Corious

Though not required by the NACHI SOP I remove ever power panel cover that I can safely.

How about you?

As do I. My point was if you have to use a tool to do that so it should be excluded as well. I have never heard that if you have to use a tool to gain access than it isn’t readily accessible. At least when I started in the business, something was not readily accessible if you had to pry it open or remove nails or permanent fasteners. But an access panel is just that. It was specifically designed to be readily accessible. Mind you, you can do whatever you want. Just “corious” about the new definition.

Can’t take off service panel covers…

But you guys will make up some Delta-T crap. Where is that in the SOP?

How do you open electrical panel covers Michael? Just the ones with thumb screws? Or your teeth?

"Charlie, your just full of ****! "

There! Now I feel like “one of the guys again”! :wink:

Surprised they didn’t comment on that orange thing in pic#1.

That’s one of those discharge line dryers, aint it Charlie?! :wink:

The tool reference is from a previous career and was misleading. Sorry.

The coils look dirty or getting caked; the LL is downsized; there has obviously been a changeout or repair around the reversing valve. It didn’t come from the factory with that many and lumpy solder joints; in the middle photo it almost looks like we’re missing a control wire on the
Diaphragm or ?? So in my opinion …

"There were concerns noted that may have an adverse consequences on the Heat Pumps operation, such as …

Also did not see signs of recent service on the unit.

Have a competent and licensed HVAC contractor read the report; review the system conditions; then service, repair or modify any deficiencies to safely and properly correct them".