Just curious--is every thread going to turn into a "KWood versus the world"?

It seems every thread I’ve been reading lately rapidiy devolves into kwood going at it with other members and they with him–this soon degrades even further into childish name calling etc. It truly is an embarrassment to interNACHI as a whole and Ontarians specifically. Also aren’t CMI’s supposed to swear not to call names, treat others with respect etc. Is this what you get for the thousands of dollars spent on the designation??

Could you guys take it elsewhere?

I’m absolutely with you on that Stuart. InterNACHI message board became a cesspool lately with KW offering his “professional” help in every single thread. Kevin, honestly, you will do a big favour to everyone if you can stay out of this board for awhile.

Yes the Ontarioachi Directors are a big joke. They can’t even follow their own By-law.
Seems like there are allot of Ontario Inspectors waving big Red flags.

And so it goes. Eh?

well, there is good news. He’s gonna go to my website and pick out the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. I know this because he said so.:roll:

that should take a while :wink:

Already did! But it is in the best interest to you to have InterNachi look at it for free also.

Michael? where is the Kevinator when you need him. LoL

The common denominator here is Kevin. When I first came to the message board a few years back he was an alright guy. Didn’t say a lot but tried to help where he could. Something has happened since then. He somehow got a huge chip on his shoulder and feels he is better then any other inspector. He has called everyone down, gone to their websites and bashed their sample report and gone so far as to threaten certain members. If he could learn to tone it down he would find that some may just soften a little as well. He has done this to himself. Some people never learn!!

Nope! But I do have a head on my shoulders and knows how to use it. I have been here for InterNachi from the big inning. LOL

lol, already did. Funny, they weren’t able to find any grammar or spelling mistakes either, but then, they probably don’t have** your** credentials! :roll:

Granted, they found some house cleaning needed. Too many different fonts, Business hours not on every page, etc.

I haven’t had much time to work on the website. I’ve been pretty busy with doing actual home inspections, 90% of which came by…wait for it…


Are you Kidding!!! Kate is the best and very few things I have seen her miss.

Ah, we agree at last. Kate is the best.

And she didn’t find grammar or spelling errors, only the small cosmetic issues mentioned before.

Maybe if you found some, you could school her. :shock:

Must agree with the thread after Kevin stated I looked like Jee Jeebs from “Men in Black” last night .:slight_smile:

I am just as bad up close Bob.:wink:

Again you attack OntarioAchi . You have been asked by Nick to stop attacking InterNachi chapters. I know you have stated you are above Nick and therefore you do not have to listen to him. You have also stated he has no control over the message board. Your comments go against all InterNachi inspectors. Kevin Wood take a break you are only harming InterNachi and yourself with your comments.

Saved for the meetings.

Saved for File #13. :mrgreen:

Good luck with him taking your advice

save everyone.jpg

I hear Kevin has started a new InterNACHI chapter for like minded people.

Their motto… both of them… :

It is better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.

Oops. Too late. :roll:

You really are a funny guy! WAPI.