Just Finished getting Infrared Certified.

I am Geeked! Tough courses, I learned a TON.

How many Infrared Certified people are out there?

I still have to do the green course and one other?

Looks like we have to do more courses than some previous guy’s did…

Which courses did you do besides John’s IR course?

The requirements are listed here:

Johns course was the largest chunk, but not all. I finally finished all of them.

Put the free logo on your site. www.nachi.org/ir.htm I get 25 emails a day (not many yet, but growing) from consumers asking who they should hire. I tell them all the same thing… Look for the Infrared Certified logo.

I charge more and IR pays for itself. It is a no brainer.

Agreed, John! It is rare for me to come across someone that hasn’t paid for their camera within 6 months of starting off in IR.

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The training and the camera are a very good investment. My clients really love the things that I find on their homes. Of course if you are an inspector in my area then I would not waste your money on them :wink: