Just for Bob E


Well I know its for bob but he might have trouble seeing it.


Some more of your business;-)

Get in line old man.:wink:

Your not working today must mean your low ball prices did ya no good

Nope. Average price this week was $514.

So believe what you will.:roll:

I am not working in the field today.
Pretty much assume the thread was intended to insult me but Charlie is a smart cookie and thinks before he types.
Would rather work on report Templates,SEO,shopping,client and Agent followup than spend time sparing even if it is fun.
That’s why I like the guy.:slight_smile:

Charlie may not know I am with him on the climbing after years working for utility companies and am gaff trained.

My 28 foot hook ladder with claw feet has kept me safe many years.

See ,just when you thought you knew it all.:slight_smile:

I only insult MikeEEEEEEE But I do tease alot I was just going to show a pic and decided not to and it was not even a roof.:smiley:

I can insult with the best of them roof monkey.

I especially like to poke at your so called “education” threads where you pretend to be the best thing since sliced bread came on the seen.

Let me guess.
Showing me on a chimney …just answer yes or no …:slight_smile:

post above …“roof monkey” I am doubled over laughing as I type.

Its my pet name for Old Charley.:wink:

Glad yo found it entertaining.

No it was just a pic of the State of Okla with some writing on it:D that I thought better of posting it

Forget OKla
Come to Chicago Illinois where we have the highest sales taxes,cell phone fees,more regulations,giant parking meter fees,red light cameras,speed cameras,56% jump in state income tax and Nanny laws than any other state.

Just added banning safe e cigs yesterday…its all for the kids .:slight_smile:

Fine living in land of the free.

Do they have iron bars at the borders?

Not yet but they would need to be one way.

Like in communist countries. I see.

Ever think about getting out before its too late?

Chicago still a great place to live.
You trade idiot politics and taxes for civilization.
Not a good place to retire and not anywhere
near it’s height of prominence but looking around how many northern manufacturing cities are?
Chicago has at least kept relevant and is compared to others doing a good job transitioning to the new service economy that the entire country is being forced to endure.
The recent popular exodus is to places with no past factory and Union based influence making them have temp advantages.
End of the day how many can cram into hot boiler room weather spaces with dependence on alternative energy and water sources that are becoming scarce with little or no agriculture.
Countries problems were brought on when manufacturers were chased out of the USA.
Total reset is needed in the end game.

Take care Bob.

I hope it works out well for you in Chicago.

When enough people get tired of the tyranny it will change. :wink:

LOL Bob perhaps they should Ban Bedbugs BTW you #1 now for bedbugs

Yeah I posted that.
Almost all are at a Northshore neighborhood on the lake with foreigners called Edgewater.
Inspected a Condo that had plates of white powder everywhere last year and discovered later it was for bedbugs.
What shocks me is the cockroach population has been non existent lately.
Used to see many infestations years ago.