Just for Copper

This stuff - http://www.justforcopper.com was shown to me today by a client who used it and was very impressed with it. I have never seen it before. Does anyone else know if its any good?

Nice!..“even works when pipes are wet.”

I’d be interested in hearing from users too. :wink:

It may work fine, but it is probably not approved in your area.

Quoted from their web site.:slight_smile:


I’m not a plumber, but I ran across it in a hardware store when I was buying some copper fittings. I used it to do some repair on one of my rent houses. It worked great. I even had a pin hole at a minor kink in one of my copper pipes. It was a tight fit and I really didn’t want to have to cut that section out and redo it. So I figured I’d give it a try. I squeezed some on and rubbed it to try to get it into the hole. I then added a second coat a few minutes later. Six months later the pinhole and joints are holding as well as if they’d been soldered.