Just getting my business started

Hi All,

I’ve read through some similar threads but wanted to post this one to get a chance to get some more personalized advice and get the chance to interact with some of you all as well as introduce myself.

I am just about to launch my home inspection business and some advice from the pros and even others just getting started would be greatly appreciated. I am located in the Columbia, SC area and went through the ICA course and the state required exams to get my license. I think that I have everything in place to begin getting my name out there but am nervously awaiting that “oh, ****” moment once I schedule my first inspection. I am a DIY person who has done a couple live-in flips and worked with some plumbing/electrical/HVAC and I have great attention to detail and am confident that I will provide a very thorough report for my first client but hearing some stories/lessons/mistakes from other’s as they were getting off the ground would be great.

Also - do you recommend just focusing on providing the best inspection I can until I am more comfortable before getting certified for and adding other services? (Radon, mold, pools, etc.)

Regardless, I am happy this forum exists and am excited to be a part of it. I have scrolled through several threads over the past couple weeks and the community of people always looking to help others is great.



Yes…at least get comfortable.

Remember, YOU run the inspection. do not let others pull you from the routine that you should set up and do the same on each inspection e.g. start on the outside and go clockwise around the house and do the same on the inside.

I gave the client a clipboard, pen and tape measure and told the if they had questions that I would answer them when I got to that area or at the end of the inspection when we go over all the things I found.

If you need a break because you get flustered, say you are going out to your truck to look something up and calm yourself down and regroup. They won’t know the difference.

And, it is okay to say that you do not know something but will look it up later while finishing the report and get an answer for them if you are able.

Relax!..and, Good Luck!


Oh, and welcome to our forum. Enjoy! :smile:

Don’t know how to use the quotes on here just yet but thanks for the great advice! Hearing that its okay to use the truck trick and especially the part about just explaining that I don’t know something and will get an answer really helps put me at ease.

Welcome Brian…

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Just highlight the part that you want to quote and a “quote” box will pop up. click that and continue to write what you wanted to.

And, you’re welcome, Brian! :smile:

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Yup, like that! :smile:

Absolutely! Almost nothing worse than an Inspector with lots of add on services when they can’t perform an exceptional home inspection.

If you want a marketing draw stay away from all the 90 Day Widget Warranties except maybe the INACHI Buy Back program.

As usual all great advice from Larry!

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You could try to see if this may be helpful when you’re onsite.

It’s for members only but I couldn’t find you listed as an active member.

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It’s because he joined less than 2 weeks ago… :wink:

I would try to get another experienced inspector to ride along with for a few inspections to gain some practical experience.

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Just be yourself. If you’re relaxed your clients will be as well. Never B.S. If you’re not sure just say so and tell your clients that you’ll be sure to find out and will let them know. Be sure that you do. Over time you’ll have developed your own style. There’s lots of good advice and knowledge here. Everyone will have your back. Good luck.

Welcome aboard! There’s a learning curve for sure and you’ll learn (eventually…like I did) what is and isn’t really a defect. When I started out I would say if I ran into something I wasn’t sure about that “I was gonna have to do some homework on that” giving me a chance to check (my own guides as well as the oracle of knowledge on the forum here!) and give an “educated” answer to the client.
Enjoy!! Every day is different!

Helpful hints for New Inspectors.pdf (230.1 KB)

Here’s some practical advice for the new Inspector, I’ll leave the technical training to Ben and the others. Good luck!
Ted Emmes


Thanks everyone for all the great advice and suggestions.

Another trick: “my batteries are going, got to run down to the truck.”

Also, avoid the urge to rush through an inspection, and avoid the urge to linger endlessly over a defect.

Also avoid the urge to problem solve, because you might get it wrong. Qualify any attempt you make at problem solving with “it MAY be because of X, but honestly I could sit back down in my office and look at the photos and something else will pop immediately to mind. Your best bet is going to be to open this wall/take this apart/have a roofer pick this apart/etc.”

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