just getting started

any advice, I joined in October but really need to get serious about this as a career. not sure about how this online class works

Yes, go to your control panel and edit your information to include your location so you get better area appropriate info.

Sure… begin by introducing yourself, and telling us about your background and experience, along with your motivation for joining.

You picked a great place to start. Lots of good advice and helpful hints here on the message board. Follow Micheal and Jeffery’s advice and we’ll get you going. Also download Nick’s book from the benefits page, it’s a good place to start.

Advice #1… When you begin a new thread on the MB, you should supply as much information as you can in your first post (with photos if appropriate), and check back in often. 24+ hours is too long and your thread will be long gone off the New Posts page. Many will not reply if you do not return in a timely manner. Time is a luxury we only have so much of. Waste it and your on your own.

Good post unfortunately most do not follow what you said
Sad to see he has not been back to see the information here since .
He made his original post .

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