Just Got a Nice Email

Just got this email…


Next webinar IR class on Dec 11-12, 2010
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Very good John Well done

Hi John Congrats

Tell me how does it work the webinar class, where do i sign up, how do i get access to the class


Go read the details at our website… http://www.infrared-certified.com

Contact me after you see the details at… john(at)infrared-certified.com

Could you tell me if the Fluke TiS Thermal Imager is a fair starter Imager? Also I asked Fluke but have yet to get an answer, does this Imager have PIP?

Steve Wessler

I got a nice email once.:D:D

OK. It wasn’t really nice…but it wasn’t bad.:slight_smile:

OK. It was bad, but not really bad.:neutral:

Come to think of it, the email really blasted me to Kingdom Come…:(:(:mad:

oh, well…nevermind.:roll:

the TIS does not. You can go to the fluke website to get all the specs