Just got offered $125 for a Commercial PCA

Just had some company call me up and offer me $125.00 to do a Property Condition Assessment on a 70 unit apartment building with the inspection of 5 interior units, the roof, and the exterior. They wanted a full written report, cost to repair estimates, and useful life expectencies. All this in the lovely demilitarized zone known as Camden, New Jersey. I laughed so hard at the guy he didn’t know what to think. He said that other inspectors told him they would do it for that amount of money, but if I couldn’t they would be willing to raise the price a little.

Yeah…that was $125 for the entire inspection…not per unit! Good luck finding someone to do that buddy!

125 wow oh wow what a deal and you refused it? gold digger lolol

:shock: :shock: :shock:

I used to hear this all the time in paint and wallcovering work…the other guy said he would do it for X.
So why is the other guy not doing it?
Probably because they know the guy had no insurance, no business card, no lettering on his shirt and looked like an axe murderer…

Some company with a Salt Lake City, UT telephone number. When I tried calling back it answers with some telephone company generated message saying the number can not be reached and try back later. I can’t remember the name of the company, but they said it was for an FHA inspection.

I am still laughing about it.

You should have told him to call the other guy. Oh, and you should have told him your price was $750.00

A lot of starving artists out there who will probably jump on that one…

I received quite a few calls from vendors like this wanting me to drive 45 mins one way to snap photos… their top dollar was $40.00!!! Unbelievable. Oh and they needed it right away because “their other inspector” couldn’t do it and the deadline was yesterday.

At first I thought it was one of those PITA insurance inspection companies calling. I asked the guy and they wanted a full blown ASTM E-2018 Property Condition Assessment. He said that other inspectors told him that it should take about an hour to do. Apparently this dude doesn’t have a clue and can’t buy.

C’mon now this is Camden. You can’t expect the guy to pay more for the inspection than he’s paying for the property now do you?

Tell him to wait until after Halloween, cause there’s a really good chance it will get torched anyway. BTW: when did they de-militarize Camden? I thought that was just the area around Rutgers, the aquarium, etc. Isn’t the rest still war zone?:stuck_out_tongue:

Some years back they did a major beatification project in Camden: They painted all the plywood for the boarded up windows blue so that they would resemble glass from a distance - sad but true.

I wouldn’t drive through Camden for $125, except to see the battleship

Thanks, I needed a good chuckle

I would have told them to email me some photo’s, and I could do the inspection over the phone. :twisted:

Calling all “LOWBALLERS”:shock:

Mario I don’t even think the lowballers are stupid enough to take this guy up on his offer lol. :slight_smile:

We have HI’s right here in Toronto Bill where the cost of living is the highest in the country and they do home inspections for a couple of hundred dollars, it would not surprise me if this guy finds an inspector for $125

On a single residence I agree. We use to have a few to however I think they all fell off the tree somewhere can’t seem to find them when I check local prices… anyways when it comes to Scotts scenerio “anyone” would be plain stupid to take on a job that big for $125. After righting reports, looking up cost estimates you could expect to make around $16 or less an hour. No thanks.

I think the philosophy of these folks is stuck back in the property boom days. All they really want is a name in a block on a form so they can say they did the “inspection”. No concern on whether this inspection has any relationship to reality as that will be someone else’s problem.

Up here I get a few of these. Want to pay $40 and don’t understand that the property in question is 30 miles from everywhere and will take 2 hours roundtrip to get there. They want professional work but haven’t a clue what even a bargain professional price would be.

Even with my costs of doing business pared down as low as possible in these tough times you have to charge correctly. If not then why be in business. Might as well go get a job and let somebody else worry about making a profit.

Recently did a 14 unit apartment complex for $3000. I wouldn’t even get out of bed for $125. It had to be a joke!