Just have to tell this story

Yesterday I went to an open house seminar about mold. The open house was sponsored by ASHI. The seminar itself was informative and I did walk away with a better understanding of mold and what red flags to look for while doing an inspection. The best part was when I was getting ready to leave a owner of a multi inspector company stopped me to talk. We introduce oursleves, exchanged cards, etc. As the conversation progressed, he tried to talk me into joing ASHI. When I told him I was NACHI certified, he made a face and said “we tend to steer people away from NACHI”. So I asked him why that was. “Because we are better then they are” were his exact words. Again I asked what makes ASHI better than NACHI? “Well, because they say you don’t have to walk a roof”. At first I was a little pissed but I shrugged it off and told him that even though NACHI says you don’t have to walk a roof, that most of the HI’s I know will walk a roof if it is safe to do so and that I believe its up to the individual inspector to determine if he should walk the roof or not, regardless what the SOP say. Yet he insisted that ASHI was a better association. I have to say, I left that open house with a bad taste in my mouth. Personally I believe that joining NACHI has been my best investment (aside from maybe my tools) since becoming a HI. I have probably learned more just from this forum than I have from the HI course I took.
So thank you all for sharing your knowledge and making this the BEST association in the country. :mrgreen:

“Because we are better then they are”

Interesting perspective.

No examples of how.
No trying to make his point.
Just a blanket statement.

I say NACHI is better because we have an “N” in our name.

What say you to that Mr. I-belong-to-an-organization-WITHOUT-an-N-in-it’s name?

He would have been fun to talk to. Wish I had been there! :cool:

HA! I would have asked him, “do YOU walk on ALL roofs”??? Then I would have said, “You have my card, call me when you have a second story 12/12 pitch roof you’re gonna ‘walk’ on, I’d like to come and learn from an ASHI expert” :mrgreen: (I always wonder when they fall off do they go “ASHI-t”)

Like you said, I will walk on any roof that is safe to do so. Right On, Steven

Make that a 12/12/ clay or cedar shake roof. Show up to be a witness for the plaintiff!


No Kidding,… :smiley:


What is it with these ASHI inspectors, they all seem to have the Dan Harris mentality.

I have heard more bashing about NACHI than I care to talk about. Bottom line is I’m here and not with OAHI or ASHI


In fairness, there are things I think they do better than we do.

I think there are things we do better than they do.

I am here and remain here by choice, mostly for the marketing board which is the single best thing that could have happened to my business - that is a reflection of the members, not the association.

The proposed changes to PA law have the potential to force nachi-only inspectors into other associations. If so, I will probably hold dual memberships.

I think there are guys in all associations (including this one) who find some pleasure in bashing other associations. There is good and bad across the borad - it’s about finding the best fit for you.


I was thinking of joining ASHI after I joined NACHI. But with all the abuse I see, do I really want to put myself in that type of environment, defending NACHI to every ASHI inspector. I don’t think so.

In answer to your statement about bashing, I personally have not bashed any association, well…only in defense of NACHI.:smiley:

BTW The loneliest guys[booth] at the ITA convention in Vegas was ASHI!


But we have “The Big Hat”, do they? :wink: