Just i get my florida license

Hello to everybody,
finally after several months of online trainings i get the license.Now my idea was to find a job in a Inspection company but all them ask for experience.At this point i am thinking to go solo but i would like to know if it is mandatory to create a company or i can be sole proprietor.I am insured and ready to action but i would like to practice a little bit before to create a company.My background it is complete different from Hinspector industry.Any suggestion?What is the best software for wind mitigation and 4 point?I really apprecciate any information…

Best of Luck whichever route you choose.

Your legal advisor would be a great person to answer the pros and cons of what you are thinking.

I haven’t read other post. But I will tell you that the first thing you should do before inspecting any home, and especially being new, is to make sure you have a good E&O insurance and form an LLC. Being a sole proprietor in this industry is one of the worst and riskiest things that you can do especially early on in your career where mistakes and oversights are mostly made.
Secondly, whenever I finished school and got my license, I did the same thing. Looking for someone to work for until I gained experience. That never happened and was a blessing that I didn’t work for anyone. I have all of the risk, yes, but I also have all of the rewards. Go out on your own. There are lots of support and resources to help you get started and maintain your business. You will find your flow and what services and offerings work best for you and your business.

Now that I’m thinking about it, what I gave you was some advice and my opinion, however always consult an attorney or business CPA to find out what business entity structure you should use. But I did give my advice based upon my experience.

thank you for help me out.I choose to create a company!

Thanks for the tip i plan to do the same thing.