just Joined

Hey Guys I just Joined your ranks im very happy to be with a great bunch of people
thanks Jeff

Uh oh…Just kidding ,welcome aboard.
If you have any strong areas please contribute your knowledge.
If you have any weak areas just do the old search feature,and load up on any helpful links.If you have any you think would be good to brag about,don’t be bashful as most members here are quite the opposite.Youv’e bought your ticket,so strap on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

I agree with Robert even though he is a FIB (just kidding). Robert is one of those with great ideas just like the rest of the guys and gals in NACHI. I have learned a lot from them. FIB= Friendly Illinois Brethren

Welcome Mr. Prince.

Carl I am an A-hole but since I admit it I’m cool.
I got nothing against you Cheese heads.With out Wisconson there would would would be no place for mosquitos to live.Just kidding as I love the area between Madison and Milwaukee as perfect place to get away from it all and yet be with in driving distance to three cities.Eventualy my dream is to have a modern log cabin with a boat and dock visible from my big picture window.

Welcome. Better buckle up if you plan on riding the message board.

Welcome Jeff



welcome. royalty always welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

AH, a Prince among thieves, welcome aboard.

Just kidding!!! about the theives that is

Call on me for help anytime, but be prepared to buy me a beer at the next convention.

Hang on for the ride and I will be waiting for an
Award performance.

Welcome Jeff :slight_smile:


Thanks Guys I will be picking your brains for sure.

Welcome Mr. Prince.

Seat belt won’t cut it, add a helmet, fire suit, gloves, and ejector seat! Be shrewd as dove and gentle as a snake, take what you can and give nothing back! Welcome to the show! Come inside, come inside.

Don’t forget insurance!

Welcome Jeff!