Just Joined

Just so you know, Fred, this bugmenot fellow is really Raymond Wand. He’s got a lot of time on his hands of late and is mucking about on the forum.



Take my advice and ignore posts from non-members. At least the idiotic ones.

Lets do the math. Yesterday, Raymond Wand vigorously defended himself and Roy D. Cooke for four hours straight using the fake account “gilstrachan,” and now here he is using “gilstrachan” to defend the fake account name “bugmenot.” The thing is, Raymond admitted to being “bugmenot” on Tuesday.

Here’s a link to Raymond E. Wand’s Tuesday announcement that he has taken control of the “bugmenot” account.


I know this is driving you crazy **FAKE NORM **but the fact is that you or one of your friends messed up. OOPS. :oops:

I wrested control of the user name: gilstrachan yesterday using the bugmenot.com info and locked you and your ilk out. Te he Te he

You can say it isn’t so all you like but you know the truth and so do I.

Take your idiotic squabble and battle with Ray and Roy somewhere else.:roll: