Just like to say Hello

Just like say hello and I’m back.
Been away for awhile 4 weeks in ICU 2 weeks recovering from ICU and 2 months getting back in shape so I could return to work. If anyone finds the the month of July 2009 send it to me, lost the hole month do not remember a thing. Some kind of bacteria got into my lungs from a dirty stinking house I was in and it came close to killing me three time. But here I am still alive and kicking and back doing inspections.


I know what it’s like to “lose” a certain time in your life–kinda scary.

Bacteria, huh? Crawlspace??

Welcome back Rob!

Care to comment about your experience, should inspectors wear mask, type and before entering where…

Thanks and again, welcome back,

I’m glad you recovered…

…and would be interested in understanding more about it.

Sorry guy but the Doc’s that looked after me and saved my life are not even sure what type of bacteria it was or how I got it. The health unit did go back and check the last few homes I was in but came up with no real answer. They ended up using some new drug on me and it worked. By the way has anyone found July yet just woundering.

Thanks, Rob, glad you’re well. :slight_smile:

I think inspectors should wear at least an N-95 when checking the attic space and crawl space I know I do now. We do not no where I picked up the bacteria but will be wearing a mask when I check those areas and when I work with the RCMP on the next grow-op.

Found July 2009. Cold and wet. You didn’t miss anything!

Welcome home (InterNACHI) Rob. We missed you.

Welcome back.

Hey Rob, welcome back, wondered how you had so much time on your hands to write those great articles for the paper, great job on those. Now get back to work.:wink:

Thanks everyone and I am back to work.

Reminds me of the recent drug bust in Grey County. Over 11 million worth of pot in 2 houses, something like 5300 plants in each house. I’m sure the walls were melting.

Glad to hear you’re doing well and yeah, you didn’t miss much from last July.

Welcome back Rob! I’m glad that you’ve recovered from such a scary situation.

Welcome back Rob.


Welcome back, glad to see you feel better!

I am feeling so good I booked a trip to northen Quebec starting the labour day weekend to hunt Caribou for 5 days. We fly from Montreal to Kuujjuaq and then by float plane into the camp. I am really looking forward too it.

Good for you Rob!! Enjoy your hunting trip and stay the hell out of the nasty crawlspaces and attics unprotected!