Just logging in to start a test, per instructions

Just logging in to start a test, per instructions.

Welcome James! Good luck with your test. I don’t remember having to post when I logged on, but things do change.

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Thanks Thomas, but this post was my mistake. Apparently you have to log in to a thread dedicated to the specific test your taking and introduce yourself before beginning. Trying to squeeze in some continuing education.

Well, it’s not a mistake finding the forums in general. A wealth of knowledge is shared here and at your disposal and ours. Please come and share yours with us when you can.

Yeah, this is a great board with lots of good help and information. Your cert #s looks like they’re from Oregon. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I’ve been jumping through the CCB licensing hoops for 22 years!

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The CCB is a bit of a joke. I called them to report an inspector here at the coast who is using an unlicensed kid (probably under the table) to do the exterior, crawlspace and attic of his inspections and they implied that he was getting more work than me and the likely the reason I was calling. I’m busy as hell. Couldn’t believe they didn’t care.
I’ve done so many inspections that he previously “inspected” and found multiple issues. Not surprising, he used to be a used car salesman before deciding on this recent career path.

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