Just made the move!

(Jason Ramey) #1

So I just jumped into Spectora, Loving it so far. Is there a breakdown (cheat sheet) of what items are in what category? Something like an exploded view so I can learn where items are better?

*ducting un insulated

hope this makes sense. Thanks guys!

(Joshua LeBeau) #2

Hi Jason,
I’ve put in a feature request via Trillo to have the ability to print out the template to see what all the Sections/Categories/Comments are.
Until then make a fake inspection and check-mark everything on and print the report to PDF.
That is how I see everything and make things consistent.
Join the Spectora’s group on Facebook if you do that kind of thing.

Good Luck

(Jeffrey R. Jonas) #3

Josh… you forgot to mention their rate hike! Curious if this will affect Jason?

(Jason Ramey) #4

It wont effect me. I got in before the hike coming this 15th.