Just made the move!

So I just jumped into Spectora, Loving it so far. Is there a breakdown (cheat sheet) of what items are in what category? Something like an exploded view so I can learn where items are better?

*ducting un insulated

hope this makes sense. Thanks guys!

Hi Jason,
I’ve put in a feature request via Trillo to have the ability to print out the template to see what all the Sections/Categories/Comments are.
Until then make a fake inspection and check-mark everything on and print the report to PDF.
That is how I see everything and make things consistent.
Join the Spectora’s group on Facebook if you do that kind of thing.

Good Luck

Josh… you forgot to mention their rate hike! Curious if this will affect Jason?

It wont effect me. I got in before the hike coming this 15th.