Just pass my test..!!!!

Well just wanted to jump on here and say Hay… I have been reading this message message board for while now… I took my National test today… PASSED… great relief… Im a firefighter and the past year working my days off for a company doing insurace home liability inspection… after working sun up to sun down and then comming home doing reports until O-dark-30 and working on reports at the firehouse with little pay for all the work I was doing, they were after quainity not quaility. I did over 600 inspection last year. I decided to get my own thing going… Took a class wont mention the name… NOT real happy with them… anyway reading this board and all the info on this sight I believe help me to pass… Im going to Purdue on Tuesday for a termite class… looking foward learning more about this trade… and joining InterNACHI down the road …

thanks ART

Congrats Art.

Ditto the Congrats Art!!!

Congrats I just learned a little about your profession today:shock::shock:

Charley… was that your van…? Looks like the bottom window broke… did it get into the house?

No Art was not my house and yes it popped four windows on that side but did not get inside The FF showed up just in the nick of time was burning the soffits when they got there

Good deal… We had one just like that the other day… a Laundry truck next to a house… outside of the house was smoking when we arrived… hit the house then the truck… few more seconds and we would had the house fire…


I just took a “Termite Class” and it was really technically difficult. If you already have the manual I suggest that you study it every free moment that you get.

Good Luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

congrats Art. are you in Lafayette?

Frank… You ask what test I took… It was the one the state of Indiana wants you to pass… I was told it was the national test…

I was working for a company that wanted out side inspection, sometimes interiors and some comercials for insurance companies… mostly liability inspections… a simply windows program… they wanted measurements of the outside and a drawing… I was at a house approx 10mins… I did not need a license for this… I live in Indiana… south of Indy… and I only worked 3 days a week… my days off from the firehouse… I work 24 on duty… 48 off… I did around 15 to 20 houses a day depend on the drive…and that was a good day… I had Indianapolis south to the state line… sometimes it took me 4 hours just to drive to my first house… and I did not work weekends and holidays… they paid me a flat salary… No overtime… I did have a class prior to getting this job… But I will tell you that a Cert. was not required… the person that took over did not even have a class… The name of the company was Reliable Reports… out of Dallas Texas… I will tell you and others they hire contractors… May help those wanting a little side work… But I was working full time approx 54 hours a week for them… from the time I left home until I got done with my last report at night 16 to 18 hours days…then firehouse… way to many hours… good luck


English test?

It was late… I wanted to post a response… I guess prefection is the call of the day…! Maybe InterNACHI is not for me… for a first time poster… never mind… I wont stoop to that level…

regards Art

I do not have time for a long response so all I will say is…

Welcome aboard!:stuck_out_tongue:

No worries, Art. Welcome to the InterNACHI boards. There’s a century of inspection knowledge here, it’s a great place to learn no matter how long you’ve been inspecting. -Kenton

Join InterNACHI. You will not regret it at all.

Welcome to NACHI Art!

BTW I had an offer to work for the insurance industry recently, my tools (including IR camera), their vehicle, my knowledge and their reporting system 120K per year. Still thinking about it!