Just sayin' Hello

Just saying hello from the Muskoka’s in Ontario.09-05-2013.JPG



Hi Chris

Hello back at ya :slight_smile:

G’day David, and Michael. How’s the foot doing, Mike ?

Hi Chris, I was up in muskoka on the moon river for a vacation last year ( half Canadian). Will have to look you up next time!


A little better. Down to physical therapy once a week.

Thanks for asking. I doubt it will ever be the same size or color of the other.

I believe I am screwed in that respect for the rest of my life :frowning: I will make the best of it as much as I can.

All should be damn careful on ladders as I cannot believe ho a 3 to 4 foot drop has changed my life as dramatically as it has :frowning:

Sure thing Thomas, stop by anytime. (Which half of you is Canadian ?) Front/Back, Top/Bottom ? :mrgreen:
Seriously though, if you’re up here again, give me a shout.

Same thing happened to my Dad years ago, he slipped off the second step of a ladder and broke his heel. Never did walk right after that. He was in his 70’s though, so didn’t “heel” up very well. Joking aside, I hope you’re doing better.

I would never …Let me reiterate ! Never accept that… Nope !
I nearly cut my left arm off literally to the bone with a circular saw 39 plus years ago.
I’ll post a pic of it if you like.
The micro surgeon was a friend of the family told me I would never have more that 2 to 5 % useage of that arm with the severe damage that was done…
In 3 months I was back on the job.
That arm is working at about 95 % efficient even now .
Don’t tell me nothing.
The great powers of your mind you will never comprehend. Use them !
Why did this come about?

Because I would not accept that fate ! Never will I accept defeat. Only setbacks !
And then only when I’m dead !

Carve that in stone.

I will indeed, I’ll be up there again, been going there since before I was old enough to know where I was, much less Muskoka!

Oh and the top half is pure Canadian :wink:

My bad and my mistake caused it. I did not pay %100 attention at the time of my f-ck up. I own and take responsibility for my issue.

It is done and I have decided to try do my best to go on. It has been the toughest injury I have faced in my life. At the time I did not think it was anywhere near the severity it is.

I seriously never thought a broken calcaneus would cause such an issue but apparently it is the norm :frowning:

I’ve fractured my neck in 3 places. Broken both legs, collarbone, both arms and 3 ribs. The “experts” said I’d be in a wheelchair before I was 50. 58 this year and still defying the odds. My secret? Accept the blame, do the physio, take pain killers only when absolutely necessary and never, ever,ever give up.:slight_smile:

Hello back at you Chris and all my fellow NACHI brothers, posting this from the airport in Orlando Florida on the way back from a wonderful week with My wife and my two sons.


You should prolly give up break dancing Leonard…just sayin…

Len break dancing?? That would be a sight to see !!!

Have a safe trip home.

Life is full of surprises…
The last 6 or so years none have been good :frowning:
I had a great 20+ year run :slight_smile: I gues I deserve some sh-t luck for a while.

Maybe the next 6 will get better :slight_smile: