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Hi. Cheremie;

What’s a 36 meter pump cost down your way?

I am guessing, I did not measure it. ha. ha.
Expensive pour for a little footer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

:shock: #-o Of all people Marcel, I didn’t expect it to come from YOU.

It’s a footing. . .

Just a little pet peeve of mine :wink:

Pardon my French Jeff, a footer is what you give to your employees for not tailgateing that goddarn little thing. :slight_smile: :wink:

10 cu. yds. of concrete!!! $800 give me a break. ha. ha. Don’t forget the 1 cu. yd. you throw away from the pump, $80 +/-.

Foundation= base
Foundation wall= wall on top of foundation

Footer= kick in the pants

Did I forget to say I was French Born. :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

Marcel :wink:

Hey Marcel,
The pumper is $100 an hour.And ,as you know, the footing doesn’t take long to pour.
I use an ageing foundation crew who prefer to use a pumper.It costs me nothing ,they absorb the cost because it benefits them and me in the long run.
They get a longer work life out of their bodies.And there’s 0 chance of a cold joint.
I’ve found that things run much smoother with a mature work force.No boring pissing contests.
And the pumper?..you can measure it if you want.

Marcel:) :smiley: :wink:

Hey Marcel,

Trainable youngsters are just harder and harder to find.They know they can make more and easier money earlier on in their lives in a tech. job.Who could blame them?
I will continue to hire my oldsters for as long as they wish to work.What they lack in strength the make up for with experiance and skill.
Nothing is sadder to me than to see a skilled craftsperson feel worthless because they get older .Their identities and their craft are so intertwined they are impossible to separate.I only understood this after I blew out my ACL,had surgery and then immediately after also had a lumpectomy.
I was so depressed from the inability to perform my craft during my recovery time.I gained a whole new perspective.
And now it’s probably a good idea for me to get to work.
So have a great day:D

As someone who stopped building because of age; still strong enough albeit a bit slow; but it just wasn’t fun anymore, thank you for the kind words to us older types.