Just some things I saw

Two interesting pictures:

  1. What do you think off this building. The out houses for my daughter’s school’s football field. See anything interesting?

  2. Gee, kids. What say we insert the lintels AFTER the building is completely built.



All you need is a step ladder or maybe even have someone get on all fours and stand on his back.


Windows in a restroom???

No plumbing Vents? At least from this view.

No roof vents?

No gutters & downspouts?

Is that wood siding all the way to the ground?

No rat wall?

What are we looking for? Something special out of the ordinary?

Translucent glass. It’s commonly done around here.

What would you say if I told you that the entire structure of those out houses is pre-fab concrete? Walls and even the roof is concrete. Certified to withstand a tornado (thus the weird looking windows).

Brings new meaning to the old term “a brick s**t house” (the newer term being “a force field latrine”. Maybe this is the intermediary stage. :wink:

Pretty cool. At least I thought so.

But, that’s just me.


AS a mason I have done a billion of thes doors with no lintels. The half block on its side showed they had planned on putting a steel frame door in here. They could have originally installed a lintel block and filled it with concrete and rebar over the door… key word being “COULD” but the situation presented shows it was never done correctly.
This needs to come down before it falls down… on someone.

I was wondering too, we he flashing back to an episode of OZ?


And that is exactly right. Take it down before it hurts someone.


Not quite the same scenario (?), but when I was a kid, a girl was killed at the junior high. A freestanding brick wall was in place that the busses drove behind to discharge students. Then they drove past it.

Got bumped too many times and it tumbled one morning.

Take it down / repair so not one gets hurt.