just started school

Hello!! My name is Joe Destito I just started school with ahit. I am super exited and nervous! Is there a certain section where i should be posting about newbie stuff?
I do have one concern, here in AZ in order to be certified by the state i need to complete 30 parallel inspections with another inspector. I have been doing a bit of research and have read the parallels can be free and be from $50-$150! Does anyone have any tips or maybe know someone in Tucson:) i can talk to? Thanks in advance i am sure you will be getting annoyed with all the questions I will be asking in the future…

Joe, some inspectors will charge for ride alongs which is reasonable as it takes up their time.
Also, you might want to look at doing ride alongs outside of Tucson as some inspectors don’t like to train the competition.

Would AHIT be able to help set you up with previous students of theirs?

And good luck!

Joe, wishing you the best. I have not used their software but there have been a number of post here about it and most end up using something different. It appears that they push it in the class. I suggest that you look at the other options 3D, HG and HIP to name a few they all have free trial period so down load one or more NOW and start exploring.

Next start thinking about your marketing plan NOW. Most wait until the graduate or get there license and find out that its not a easy as once though and then when the phone does not ring they get nervous. Don’t think you can depend on your friend who are realtors. So start building a website as this is where the majority of your first business will come from. Start talking up you new business with friends and anyone who will listen. Get your phone number/web address/ business name/ incorporate now so it looks like your in business longer. Join the local home inspectors association and attend local meeting if they have them on a regular basis (every month). Get your logo designed (internachi) and print some biz cards. But don’t be surprised if it takes a while to get some traction.

As mentioned look outside of your market to find an inspector that is willing to mentor you. If your lucky you may find one here but don’t count on it.

Get as much experience as you can. A two or three day course and online course on AHIT is not going to prepare you for doing inspections. Hands on training and being able to attend inspections is the best way to learn.

Thanks for all the info guys, I have started on incorporating the name and getting some marketing strategies together. I have also reached out a few inspectors in the area, not many have responded which is to be expected but also a few have and those few have been great with some insight on the local market and what to realistically expect as a newbie in the field. So far i have found ahit to be a pretty good teaching tool, I have been in the industry for a long time so a lot of this I already know. Iam dreading finding someone to do my parallels, so far i have only had one person offer and thats at $150 a pop so in arizona thats $3000!!!

In your area ahit could be good. In my area they sit in class all day looking at powerpoints in a Community College with hvac, electrical and plumbing labs there and they NEVER get to use them. The only displays they have are tables with books, software, brochures, etc they push to sell you. You go out once or twice and walk thru a house owned by a community college employee (thats your field work).

They fly or drive an instructor in from 4-5 states away (not familiar with our local area) to teach the class.

They’re one of the lowest price training groups out there but like Deveraux and others already said … There are other groups you might look at.

Good Luck!