Just stumbled across this on youtube today

Stumbled across this from awhile back on youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOGaS19VZ8Q

I gave it a quick look and while I understand, standard practices have changed quite a bit in 6 years… I can think of quite a few things that would come up in my inspection reports. What’re your thoughts?

Definitely DIY…

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It’s fitting that the video is sponsored by Angie (at least when I watched it).

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Overall, better than most contractors I see…
…one glaring mistake… (crucial in Minnesota)…

NOEnd-Cut Sealer’ was used anywhere!!

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So many things wrong in that video and then it does not show the changes made in the last IRC. But first and this is huge, never, NEVER, attach the ledger over the stucco, siding, or brick veneer. Not to mention, caulking the top of the ledger like they did it would be worthless after a few years. They counter sunk attachment screws. Wrong. They must be flush on surface. And then the guardrail corner columns are not compliant under the new rules.
I scrolled through a bunch of the comments and none were pointing out the many problems. Videos like that are job security for us.


I stopped watching it after they “secured” the ledger to the side of the home. Nothing else mattered.


Yeah, I was quite surprised how many comments were praising the work, not to mention half of them mentioned building multiple decks, and quite a few had “deck” in their usernames… The hangers were too small, notched rails, no Copper napthenate as Jeffrey noted.

Are those structural screws good for the post to beam connection? I’m sure they’re great screws but I usually see through-bolts, or read thats best practice.

What was wrong with the corner specifically Lon?

Then yes. Ledger over siding, no flashing, overdriven fasteners. I’m sure theres more I’m missing.


Hodge-podge of fasteners, none of which look like structural screws really. Looks like metal roof screws, one with the rubber seal and one without. And a construction screw not rated for this use and also not rated for treated wood.



Nice! I wonder what this deck looks like today? Especially in MN winters where i’m sure people are throwing salt on that deck.

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This is from a slide presentation I have for decks. The upper slide still has a defect…the 4X4 post does not extend to the bottom of the joists

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Oh yes! Of course!

Mysteriously, these guard post requirements no longer exists in the IRC 2018. I continue to see it at some at new construction homes depending on jurisdiction. Regardless of code, I make the recommendation.

Also, if anyone can locate the guard posts requirements in other sections of the IRC, I will happily edit this post.