Just thought I'd share this...

I’m in touch with an inspector in South Africa who is doing commercial inspections and had one on a game reserve (safari park). It’s confidential so I won’t be specific, and it’s an impressive report, but I thought these couple of lines pretty well underline the difference between doing work in North America and in South Africa:


  • Physical Security
    None necessary – wild animals keep the lodge safe – never had any incidents in 20 years."

On the way to the inspection the inspector saw all big 5:
Elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo.

That’s both interesting and funny Kenton, thanks.

I would settle for Elk, Mulie, Ram, Mountain lion and Lynx

That’s interesting Kenton. Caught Sailfish, Mahi, Kingfish, Blackfin Tuna, and Barracuda last trip… BTW all fish on that trip were caught within 10-15(?) miles of HOHII :lol: