just trying out the signature

Just trying out the singnature in the control panel

Just testing the “reply” feature of the MB! :stuck_out_tongue:

…and then after you die, your greedy kids can sell it off to Arby’s who readily frucks it all up! :shock:

YEP, working just fine! :mrgreen:

Add something useful…like links to your website. If you have one.


I will add the appropriate items when all is ready, right now im just testimg the options to see how it works what it looks like!

Mike, keep in ming that part of your sig will show up in Google results listings associated with Nachi, which is why “some” of us have our sig the way we do. After you set your sig, wait a day or two, then do a search for: Micheal Russell + InterNACHI or just Nachi and you should be able to see the first 1-2 lines of your sig. Play around with your sig so it shows properly when people are just “skimming through” the search results to get their attention.

Note: I will be deleting this tip in a short timeframe as I have issues locally with my competition stealing my ideas/tips. So… Get it while you can!