just when you thought you seen it all

I really felt bad for this person, But what are you going to do when they get the weekend carpenters to build the roof.
I’ll try to add the pictures,never done this before







New roof in need of replacement…

New wave of the future, The Surfers roof, covered a flat roof with a wavy one.

Id image there is a lot of shady, shoddy contractors that show up in an area right after a hurricane or natural desaster… :roll:

Cowabunga Dude…:mrgreen:

At the left of the fourth picture, is that an unvented plumbing stack or fan?

Brian; thats an unvented vent stack for the plumbing. This was a duplex that had a roof put on over the flat roof.both sides are the same,vents not extended through the new roof.

Our work areas are so far apart, but we get the same quality of workmanship. Got to do your own work these days!!

A little aside: VENT STACK…Don’t you like plumbing terms. I can get a very quizzical or confused look from people that think plumbing is a way more simple trade than say, electrical or HVAC, when I ask them whats the difference between a stack vent and a vent stack. They think I’m playing with them until I explain that these are real working plumbing terms.

Richard aren’t contractors licensed in Florida?

How could such a thing happen in a licensed state?

It can’t, licensed people ALWAYS do everything correctly.:mrgreen: