just when you thught it was safe........

Just when you thought it was safe to call a selling agent a dick. This guy rode my butt the whole 3 hours of the inspection. He questioned my calls on GFCI’s on the kitchen counter, the double tap for the door bell, the neurals and grounds bonded in the sub panel, and the 14 year old water heater that i stated was “nearing the end of it’s service life”. then i went back today to pick up the radon canister, and he was late opening the house for me. so i called his cell (that his kind secratary gave me after i told her that if i didn’t get the kit out now, that i’d have to do it again, and thay’d pay for it), left him a voice mail, called my client who just spoke to him, and she told me he was PISSED because of what i found. it was all just petty stuff that i told my client would “give you something to do when you move in, to BOND with your new house”. so he finaly shows up, unlocks it, i grab the kit, and head out with a “thanx buddy, i appreciate it” and he stops me. we talked about side jobs, and he want to hire me to install an a/c unit in a wall at one of his rentals. he told me " hay, if your that picky during an inspection, i’d love to see how your ‘real work’ comes out…
Huh, just goes to show ya, that doing a job right is doing a job right, and it pays off in the end. thanx for listening.

Realtors ???

Must have been tough getting in and out of the crawl space !!!:shock: :shock: :shock:

Just goes to show that good honest work pays off.

Nice job