Just wondering about PDF

Just wondering if after we take a course and complete the exam, if we could download a pdf file (of the Course) that we could use as reference material.

Great Idea!

If you need a copy, just screen shot.
Highlight what you think you need and convert it to PDF.

InterNachi already provides this. After the completion of the course you receive a certificate. I downloaded a device that prints to a PDF. Then I install a link and place on my website.

I just did this after completion of the WDI course and then added to my site.


I think Gerry is talking about the course content. I don’t see why you couldn’t install PrimoPDF and just print each page off to a PDF as you go through it.

Hi David.
Dominic is correct I was talking about the course material. Dominic I’ll try PrimoPDF, thanks. Just thought it would be easier if a PDF file was offerred as a download at the completion of the course. One click and your done rather than copying 100 page plus document individually.

I totally get what you’re saying. NACHI might be worried about the content being transferred around easily if that was possible, I don’t know though.