Just wrong

Anyone have anything to add?

Nothing to add.

No way do I want to get into a 200 +++ post discussion by replying to one of your post’s

That is because they did not want to add to the discussion but detract from it. Let others comment about what is wrong.
This is serious and anything I put on the MB is not for me but Home Inspectors in general.
Each has the right to make that decision and it should not be influenced by Seasoned Inspectors. They should also feel free to comment here without attacks from such individuals.

I see you like your silly games that 200 + posts where you still have not given the answer .
Sorry you are disappointed that I will not play your games ,Looks to me I am with the majority .
You seem to be opposite end of the majority.

Another one? Where is your finger this time? :slight_smile:

Does everyone doubt his Experience Factor as posted here?



Certified Consultant

The Right Trak IAQ

November 2010 – Present (2 years 11 months)Sault Ste Marie On and areaI have solved many Indoor Air Quality problems in Buildings,Offices and Homes and have continued to educate myself in the complex world of Building Inspections and Maintenance. I have spent over 9000 hours of schooling CE and courses to make sure I am well qualified to do what I do. I am a Board Certified Master Inspector and Commercial Building Inspector plus a Indoor Air Quality Specialist. I have helped many to learn the Home Inspection Standards of Practice by contract Teaching the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Diploma in the Sault College and many MB conversations.
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Amspect Inspections LLC Commercial and Home Inspections, Infrared Thermography Inspections, Maintenance at Mercy Hosp

Kevin has dedicated himself to provide his clients with a unbiased and complete inspection be it a home inspection or a Air Quality inspection you can expect nothing less than a complete and honest assessment that you can trust.View

Environmental Consultant/ Inspector

The Right Trak Inspection Services

2003 – Present (10 years)Sault Ste Marie OnBoard Certified Master Inspector
Environmental Consultant and Indoor Air Quality Specialist
Commercial Inspector
Mold, Allergen and Radon
Water sampling
Past President of OntarioAchi


The Right Trak IAQ

March 2001 – Present (12 years 7 months)Past President of the OntarioAchi.ca… Not For Profit Ontario Home Inspection Association/ Inspector/ Consultant.
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Home-Rite Inspection Systems Inc.

Kevin is dedicated to giving the most top quality Home Inspection. He is also committed to the advancement of the Home…View


](http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=102702640&authToken=1v48&trk=prof-exp-snippet-endorsement-photo)Inch Inch

inspections at Inch By Inch Inspections Inc

Kevin has a passion for his work. He has years of experience.View

Property Maintenance

The Right Trak

October 2010 – February 2012 (1 year 5 months)

Property Manager


December 2008 – November 2010 (2 years)As the Manager I was responsible for full coordination of all work and maintenance of the property.

Just got back to check MB. It appears that I was right Nick.


Thanks Chris!
But the question this one was.
What am I attempting to do? Still appears that it still can’t be answered.

Your welcome Kevin.

Click the link below and Test Your Knowledge. This should be an easy one for you.

Mold Quiz http://www.nachi.org/forum/f2/mold-quiz-84956/

Someone has come realy close on the private MB. He happens to be from Ontario.

No one has this one yet.

Mold Quiz http://www.nachi.org/forum/f2/mold-quiz-84956/

Mold testing is not IAQ and is not considered an IAQ Investigation or Inspection.
However if you are looking to do Mold Inspections it is very good as a start.
Average for me anyways is 2 outside samples and 2 inside plus report and pictures $500.00
I will also say that getting yourself in the IAC2 is well worth the effort.
From IAQ Inspections - InterNACHI Inspection Forum http://www.nachi.org/forum/f21/indoor-air-qualifty-inspections-84660/#ixzz2ewXdbv5n

I am far from disappointed that you will not play Roy. This is meant for new Aspiring Home Inspectors.
It would never have gotten to even 10 posts had someone been diligent enough to look for the answer.
I bet Nick would tell you that but right now things are not so great in Colorado.
Some of my friends have been affected here in SSM On also.
Insurance calls this an act of god so you are on your own, as,for the MB, It is the least of my worries.

Are you saying mold is not related to indoor air quality (IAQ)?

I am tired Chris!
Mold is the first step in learning and there are literally 1000’s of levels of IAQ.
Your Insurance company will tell you what qualifies for IAQ.
Reliable Lab partner program used to do this but not anymore.

With statements like this, I will now have to question your competence in IAQ. That’s like saying “dirt” is the first step in learning about the desert. Utter nonsense.

To say “mold inspections” do not relate to IAQ (which you have stated several times now) is pure ignorance.

So here goes another thread - “lets talk about the picture I posted and see if you can read my mind.”

Is this all you know how to do Jeffrey?

I have many talents. Calling you out on your BS is just one of them :wink:

You need to work on your skills!
As for my statement it stands. You can spend one day and become a Mold Inspector.
You must spend 10 years to become a good IAQ Investigator and you can never stop learning.