Justice Dept, Realtors & the MLS

Hi to all,

this long awaited judgement will change the real estate business:




Our REALmatcher project has been waiting for this.

I know, that’s why I posted it :wink:

It will change the dynamics of the real estate business



Nick, looks like you got 60 days to get it implemented. I think you can do it, you and your resourceful people at NACHI does not need any sleep.

Just like iNACHI has come to the forefront in the HI industry, because of the use of new technology and just plain common sense usage, so iNACHI is dragging the Real Estate industry into the 21st century.

Go figure :wink:

I remember this week about reading a Realtor board newsletter that might be related to this. I cute and pasted the article below:

National Property Repository “Proof” Approved. At the NAR Board of Directors meeting on Saturday, May 17, 2008, in Washington, D.C., the Directors gave the go-ahead for NAR staff to negotiate with a technology provider to deliver a “proof of concept” working model for a national library/archive of all real estate parcels in the United States. The library is intended to arm REALTORS with a broker- controlled, member-only accessed, one-stop repository of property information to compete against the current availability of such information from a variety of online sources - all of which are accessible to consumers. Speaking before the Board of Directors, NAR CEO Dale Stinton emphasized that the repository is not a national MLS and, among other things, would not provide offers of cooperation or compensation. NAR was given approval for start-up funding for the project last year. The repository would be revenue neutral but may eventually be fee-based to cover operating costs. The association plans to complete the proof of concept as soon as possible, utilizing one or more pilot locations around the country, Stinton said.

Could it be possible they saw it coming?

I dont think they get it at all. They want to shut down information sharing, instead of being proponents of it. They want to control ALL the information, nationally, and shut out the consumer.