JVI Appraisal Division, LLC

I would like to hear from anyone who has actually done any of these. How are they going? I haven’t heard from JVI in weeks, although they are supposedly doing inspections in my area (Hillsborough County) now. Anyone with any info?

I Just Have Been Approved By Jvi
Drug Test Background Check
Inspectionport Registration
So I Am Ready To Go

Piss in a cup? Not without a gun pointed at my head.

Just received 24 inspections in Fort Myers. Start them on Monday. Not bad.

I got the phone call that Iam in the system. I am all set up on inspection port and directed to jvi. The whole system is in place. Now lets see what happens.
I am to check the website daily for assignments.

I have to go to Miami next week to do 34 inspections for JVI


Give me a ring. We can do lunch.

Hello Jay,

Sounds good I will give you a call Monday once I am in town

I got that call too…I passed. That’s a long way to go for $85 a pop. They are still waiting to get the word on the Tampa Bay Area.

I am waiting

I have been checking the inspection port website daily

for my orders

Hello Jay,

I will not be there now probably until December. I need to order a metal scanner on line. FLASH told us at the meeting you can get from Home Depot well I tried them, Lowe’s and Ace none sell them.

Ok Carl.

Check out the link

Thanks Jay,

If I come towards the end of the week I will let you know. I am not very happy with JVI so I may not do there inspections. I will see what they say on Monday

As far as I can tell there will be no more inspections for the pilot program. Now we have to wait until the whole state goes. Maybe late December or January. I have to say that the 24 that I got were all in about a 2 or 3 mile radius of one another. Once you get to the area there isn’t alot of driving. I think it’s worth it. Only $85 a pop but you can fit about 5 per day. The inspections are pretty easy but the coding system needs work. I don’t even think the people at JVI understand the coding. H,B,O,NR,X.

I finally got the call from JVI. They gave me 30 inspections, which worked out to 24 once I did scheduling and people didn’t answer their phone or didn’t call back after two messages. I did one today and have to agree that the “codes” need work. The inspections seem to take about 1 hour (for me) and then you add in scheduling time, travel time, and report time. I’m guessing an average of about 2-2 1/2 hours per $85 inspection. Not bad, but not great!

Thanks Good Post

I Passed The Test On Friday For The Certification In Orlando
I Hope Orders Start Coming Thru The Inspection Port Web Site Soon

That’s less then 40.00 per hour.

Do not forget David that you have to pay inspection port $3.00 per inspection for using there software

Passed on this. Not really worth the time. The equipment, the gas, the hotel if in the Miami area or long distances.

Gary - I was beginning to think I was the only one not in the program… was feeling left out :frowning: