Kansas and Border State Inspectors


For those that care:
** KHIRB Hearing Notice](http://www.ashikc.org/images.html?file_id=6mrSws1Ophg%3D)
March 29, 2010 10:00am


Wow, this meeting should have been held months ago. Amazing, Simply Amazing.

Does anybody know when the first class for existing inspectors less than 2 years in business can meet their education requirement and get back to work?

Does not make any difference on the newbies; there is simply no business here in KC. This is the worse I have seen it since 2002. I really believe that the agents have pushed us out, and are not suggesting home inspections to their clients. They are simply selling the homes as is, and telling buyers to save the inspection fee for repairs as they find them, if any. They are also using roofing companies, foundation companies, plumbers, electricians, all for free. If they find defects (needed or not), then the contractors make their money on the repairs needed, or not, that they “find”. Understand that these “contractors” are not licensed, insured, or regulated in any way. Agents are doing “causual checks” of home systems as they show the homes. Agents are exempt from home inspection laws, so they can do whatever they want. Agents are also doing radon testing, and termite companies do inspections also for free, for the treatments needed or not.

What a racket. Thanks to Kansas lawmakers for just about putting me out of business.

First six weeks Jan. 1 to Feb. 15 yearly inspections in Kansas:

I have two job interviews set for this week.

Believe me…the lack of business will not stop the schools from recruiting and collecting tuition from wannabe home inspectors. As the market begins to flood with inspectors offering $49 per inspection, even when the market improves…business will be hurting.