Kansas ASHI members quitting over new law and coming to work for me?

2 Kansas ASHI inspectors ticked off about what ASHI did to them in Kansas called me today, about to quit not only ASHI… but about to quit the entire inspection business! Their sentiments are echoed by many InterNACHI members. After chastising them about feeding (paying dues) to the hand that cut their throat, I came up with an idea.

Before any of you quit the business, allow me to offer you a job (sort of). I’ll form an inspection company and hire you. I can find us legal counsel to defend us all, do all our marketing, and insure (E&O and GL) all of us at a small fraction of what it would cost each of you individually. I can probably even get us a group rate health insurance plan. I’ll operate it as a pseudo network so you all keep your own autonomy.

Every problem is an opportunity. Let’s build a powerhouse.

I’ll call an anti-trust attorney tomorrow and find out if under such a scenerio we would be permitted to set our own state-wide (company-wide) minumum fee structure…and of course raise minimum fees as one company. I don’t think that this would be considered price fixing, but I’ll find out. Maybe we’ve stumbled upon the cure for our industry’s ridiculous fee structure problems (which in the end harm consumers).

Another advantage (besides premium cost) of buying a single policy would be that we’d each enjoy protection from being dumped by our individual E&O insurance companies and blacklisted just because of a freak, bogus consumer claim or two.

Something like these guys?

Land America
Property Inspection Services

100 times better.

Might as well go international and we might as well take the commercial work while we’re at it (I already had the commercial side of this project done and sitting in cue anyway).

We can follow a network style structure so that everyone just stays in their existing lanes. We’ll just take on some of the things better done as a group (legal defense, broad marketing, insurance purchasing). InterNACHI members only, of course.

I received a brochure from them today. Your idea seemed similar, that’s why I asked.

Or we can let them quit and the business can go to our existing members.

Too late, they’re joining InterNACHI.

Welcome to the family former ASHI members.

Hey Nick: Maybe group all of Ontario members together and do the same thing !:slight_smile:

Power is in the numbers.

Sounds very interesting keep me posted