Kansas Association of REALTORs on new home inspector licensing.


Is it 2,000 or 10,000 limit of liability?

Both laws have elementary errors in them making them both invalid and unenforceable. The only logical recourse is for the law to be rewritten once again or thrown out completely, but this is Kansas and from what I can tell there is not many logical people in Kansas.
I guarantee, this pile of crap would not be a law in Missouri.

Currently both. The law is a mess.

James -

The MAR is getting jealous about the GREAT inspector licensing law that the KAR and KC Realtor Board shoved up the inspectors rear this year.

In case you managed to MISS it, MAR is already working up their own version so they can have a GOOD home inspector licensing Bill in 2010.

With $$$$$$$, Votes and a FRIENDLY HI or two they managed to get the Kansas Legislators to turn Blind Eyes - Why do you think it will be different in MO


Watch and learn.

Would love to hope so, but …

Mark and the MAREI guys been fighting this off since 2002 and I know they’re getting tired of standing down in Jeff City by themselves.