Kansas City radio station doing 26 week show with InterNACHI on licensing.

Bruce - I would also like to volunteer for a Q/A session in Nov or Dec

Dan Bowers
(816) 455-8787

I’ll be happy to bring you guys on but it will be up to Nick to tell me what he want to do.

If we do end up with various people providing tips and doing the live segments it might be a good idea to start a thread on the forum where each week the person who provides the tip posts it so we don’t have people saying the same thing each week. I know that there is a ton of stuff for you all to speak about each week so we need to try and make sure that we don’t overlap anything within about an 8 week cycle.

Who is going to volunteer for October?


I want to wait until after the elections (and committee appointments) to address the Kansas Law and its affect on consumers.

How about somebody from the Kansas City area be on first. Right now is my busiest time of the year. I will be glad to commit to a talk about mold or whatever later on. I think somebody local should talk about home inspections first. Any takers?

You may want to have someone on your show who has lived and worked under
the strictest home inspection laws in the nation… which is Texas.

Texas has had licensing laws since 1985 and many inspectors prosper and do
well, despite those who say licensing is the end of the world as we know it.

I am available anytime, to add a dash of reality to your program…:mrgreen:

Weak laws produce weak results… we all agree on this.

Good laws produce good results… even is it’s good for the consumer and
some inspector do not like it.

I am also open to debate anyone on public radio. Nick offered to debate
anyone regarding licensing, until I agreed to debate him. He offered a
$1000 to anyone who would do it, but declined my offer.

Don’t worry, I never get mad and I try not to deliver any body slams
during debates. I feel compassion for people during public debate.

BTW… Nick told his office staff to beat me up in the parking lot. :slight_smile:



Go getém Gary!

Was in Texas in late 70’s and early 80’s at the start of HI licensure.

It sounds to me like you guys are going to have much more to talk about than I ever anticipated. This will be fun.

Here’s what I need now - I’ve received private emails from a few of you that want to participate. We need to get the first few “tips” recorded and ready for the first live show segment which for InterNACHI will be November 1st. We’ll need to get those tips recorded next week, likely Wednesday afternoon (I’ll find out from the producer later today). I need someone who can have tips ready for the first few weeks and I need to know who will be the in studio person on November 1st. Please post here or send me an email and I’ll get in touch with you and we’ll get this thing going!

Thanks for the participation; this is going to be great.

Did you all find the initial law as erotic and alluring as McKenna finds it, today? Was there a resistance at the used house salesmen’s attempt to take over the HI profession in Texas, or did you all drop your knickers and bend over for them?

Dan, why did you move to Kansas? Don’t you like Texas? Bruce, call me, and I can do the tips anytime. I have several already. Check my web site that I e-mailed you. We should start slowly, the basics, and work up to the new law after a couple of shows so we can think about it and do it right. Perhaps, put out the word to the RE’s of KC.

Gary -

I was working for a 5,000 house a year builder and inspecting on the side.

Real Estate market dropped 50% in mid-80’s. Wife was QA person for medical group. Took position back up here - St. Louis Region. Three years later I got divorced and decided to move back to KC - grew up here. Loved Texas - Still Do.

Family business had built things like 71 Hwy, Ward Parkway down onto the Plaza, State Line, etc.

Jim - When Texas 1st went into registration, it was simplistic. Take either 2 or 3 (can’t remember) 2 days classes and get registered.

Licensing came several years later. Since Texas was the ONLY state that had regulation until the early 90’s, it was NOT that scary a thing AND the NAR did NOT have licensure of HI’s as a national goal and pastime.

Try not to day dream about Sodomy James.

I see you now your membership in ASHI listed on your web site.

I thought you said you could not support any association that supports
licensing? What about all the fine speeches you made? :slight_smile:

I should probably clarify my position on regulation of home inspectors.

I’m not opposed to regulation, just to be opposing regulation. IF I saw that the lack of regulation of home inspectors was significantly harming the general public OR causing them to be exposed to safety hazards - I would lead the charge uphill to get us regulated.

That however has not been the case.

I am violently and vehemently opposed to special interest groups like the NAR and their state organizations trying to shove a 2x7 up our A$$, and control and manipulate **OUR **business and profession. Especially when it involves them SHIFTING liability off themselves, sellers, etc AND making us their private dumping ground under the guise of “For the Children” **OR **“To protect the public” OR “For National Security”.

That sends me into a Feeding Frenzy AND when one of our own ranks has his nose stuck up the Realtors underwear like in Wichita, I wanta puke.

Sorry, Just my personal disgust.

As you pointed out in an earlier post, Dan…inspectors agreed to a harmless registration bill in Texas a decade or so ago…that special interests (TREC) took control over and made it what it is, today. Total control of home inspectors by the real estate industry.

This is what makes ANY bill a threat.

I agree with your statement regarding that “need” should be the deciding factor in supporting a bill. In a state that does not license builders, electricians, plumbers, hvac techs…and has enacted no building codes to define the quality of their work…we are far from the “need” for licensed home inspectors, anyway.

In Missouri, where florists have more complaints registered against them with the BBB and Attorney General…and where only complaints filed against real estate salesmen approach the number of complaints made against unlicensed contractors…we have no demonstrated need based upon consumer complaints, either.

We have been fortunate to have a legislature that, so far, has rejected the ploys of the special interests to preserve their “deals” by controlling home inspectors. We need to ensure that they stay informed and prepared to fight with us.

Jim Bushart vs. John McKenna and Will Decker in a live radio debate over the merits of licensing. Now that would be money!

ASHI members who support licensing are forced to pretend to be something else…they pose as “coalitions” of various home inspectors…in order to push their licensing agenda.

Not all ASHI members…myself included…support licensing efforts.

I have changed nothing on my position against licensing.

Ooops, I didn’t realize you were a member of ASHI Jim. Sorry, this is not for ASHI members as I am doing several episodes explaining to listeners the ways they can recognize and avoid members of diploma mill associations.

Can anyone else do this show?

I’m not doing the show. Gary Farnsworth is.