Kansas Governor writes InterNACHI's attorney a letter assuring removal of ASHI.

The Kansas Governors office recently sent a letter to InterNACHI’s attorney in response to our attorney’s request for a meeting in regard to Kansas legislation referencing ASHI, a known no-entrance-requirement diploma mill, assuring us that the ASHI reference was removed entirely.

We are pleased with the Attorney General Office’s opinion and the Governor’s change to the new legislation but will continue our quest to find grounds to file a class action suit against any agency or organization that indirectly harms consumers by referring to diploma mills in any fashion that makes them appear legitimate.

Shades of our Loveland, Colorado battle, back when you were still in PA & I was in CO, Nick!
We nipped that in the bud, 2004.

Why is a state agencies website on wordpress.com!

Kinda strange!

Because Jeff and/or Molly Barnes aren’t authorized to be on the State network. :roll:

However, here in Kansas this spring, SB 329 was introduced to kill everything in HB 2315 from last year. The new revised home inspection laws/bill HB 2260 was signed this April by the then Governor, three days before she resigned. Now, with SB 329 not signed, we as inspectors here in Kansas have no idea which set of laws, HB 2315 or HB2260, do we have to abide by? The implementation of the ASHI/membership agency requirement may still be in play. This letter from the Kansas attorney general’s office just adds to the confusion. This is government in action. Letters/e-mails should be sent, and have been sent, to Governor Parkinson to explain the confusion. Media will not touch the story, as it would further hurt the future of lawmakers here in Kansas, and would eleminate RE advertising. Nick, you need to keep hammering, as we all are. The standards, or should I say, standard, of practice meeting coming up in Wichita may be worthless. Another letter should be sent from all Kansas inspectors to Kansas lawmakers explaining what they have done, or not done. Which laws, do only 150 inspectors in Kanasas will apply, will be have to go by; all to help 20,000 agents sell homes, make their commissions, and not have us around to kill their deals. This is a serious conspiricy, and conflict of interest to all of the future home buyers of Kansas. All of these Kansas home inspection laws should be revoked, as passing them would hurt the future home buyers of Kansas.

ANYBODY wondered …

Why are they holding this Standards Committee meeting to kinda finalize the SoP in Wichita where NONE of the guys that wrote the Standards live OR reside NOR are close to them? NOR are invided to the meeting.

The 3 committee members that put the Standards together are Stacey Van Houtan on the North side of Kansas City (3-3.5 hrs drive to Wichita); Randy Sipes in Springhill KS (by Olathe 10 miles South of KC - 3 hrs drive to Wichita); and Mike Greenwalt in Junction City, KS (2-2.5 hrs drive to Wichita).

**These 3 guys are all volunteers and don’t get paid for this like the Board Members would **- Why are they not holding this meeting in some reasonable place like in Topeka (where the previous committee meetings were held AND a fairly reasonable drive for all areas).

How are the board members getting paid? There is no state money, and there are no funds rolling in at this time. What are the qualifications of these committee and board members? How many inspections have they performed? The State of Kansas have their blinders on, and when the feds move in, as they are in other states, what is the new governor and the lawmakers to do? They have all made a mistake, by bargining with other lawmakers, saying “pass and vote for my bill, and I will pass and vote for yours”. The buddy system in politics is still alive and well. I wonder what the public will say when they find out about all of this. The political careers of all Kansas politicians may be in jeopardy.