Kansas HI Registration Board Continues to Deny Registration to Qualified Competitors

It doesn’t get much sadder than this…

"2010/1/29 Bi-State Properties <bistateproperties@gmail.com>:

I am shopping around for an organization to join. I have just pass all three of your pre-registration tests online. I am considering filling out the application.

I live in Kansas City, Missouri and I am trying to set my business up to practice inspections in both Kansas and Missouri. Right now I am having problems with Registering with the State of Kansas Home Inspectors Registration Board. I have passed the AHIT course with 120 CEU hours. I have passed the National Home Inspectors Exam. They are not recognizing my course as of today. Do you know anything about whether they will or if your courses you offer through membership is accepted/recognized by the State of Kansas?

Peter Sniderman

Bi-State Properties


Please, NACHI members who live in Kansas…send a copy of this link or a copy of Mr. Sniderman’s email to your representatives in Congress.

Barnes has awarded himself the number “001” and advertises himself of his website as being “credentialed” by this honor…while he denies his competitors the opportunity to comply with the state law and register.

Ask your congressman if putting people out of work in order to enrich Jeff Barnes was their intent in passing this bill. It was certainly his intent in writing at, as his actions have shown.

Be sure to thank every member of the Kansas Association of Realtors that you meet for financing this shameful scam on the good citizens of Kansas, then ask your Governor to please remove the “For Sale” sign from the lawn of the Kansas Legislature.

Thanks to all lawmakers for protecting the consumers from unqualified home inspectors. Actually, they want the bad ones, so we can do soft reports, per law, so they can sell homes. If an issue arises, we get the grief. I would personally thank former Governor Sebilius for signing away our rights and freedoms, all to which she is doing now in DC for health care. Lawmakers swore to an oath to serve the all of the people of their districts and states, but are instead serving the wishes of special interest groups, and filling their own pockets, egos, and desires.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I did receive registration in Kansas. Still sympathize with anyone still trying to get registered or still in the process. Several realtors in my area let me know they would not use me until I was registered.
Peter Sniderman
Bi-State Properties

Arm twisting works.